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Locally owned and operated, Ozark Cleaners is a one-stop-shop to help you feel pride in what you put on!

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Ozark Cleaners is offering a FREE pickup and delivery service in Hot Springs!

The Next Generation

My name is Brayden Sanders, owner of Ozark Cleaners.  My father started this business in 1999.  In March 2018, the family business was financed to the next generation.  I am proud to say that we pay our employees more than ever before, and we spare no expense on our supplies.  At Ozark Cleaners, we believe in using the latest technology in soaps, starches, pressing, and products to provide a finish with the brightest brights and the richest colors.

Dry Cleaning VS. Laundry


Dry cleaning - - Did you know?

Dry cleaning is a process very similar to washing.  However, dry cleaning does not use water.  Instead, Our dry cleaning machine has a storage tank filled with an organic hydrocarbon distillate that is used to 'wash' the clothes.  The chemical is then extracted and filtered to be re-used, and the clothes are steam dried.  After a short cool-down cycle, the clothes are hung to be pressed.  As we hang each item, we look it over for stains and damages while we are buttoning pockets and preparing each garment to be pressed.


At Ozark Cleaners, we have 40-pound front load commercial washing machines.  We use the latest and greatest technology in soap that keeps your clothes bolstering the brightest brights and darkest darks while removing stains using a variety of enzymes and surfactants.


Starch is exactly what you think it is, pretty much the same stuff you use in the kitchen.  However, our premium starch powder and top-of-the-line liquid starch, called dimension, are specially prepared by chemists at Faultless to provide your clothes with a 'stiff' finish that can help wrinkles to stay away longer.  We offer 3 different levels of starch available at Ozark Cleaners;  No starch, light starch, and heavy starch.  No starch is always a cold water wash because we often have to put stained items through this process that will end up being pressed dry along with the dry cleaning items.  Light starch and heavy starch are always a hot water wash as the water temperature is needed to dissolve the powdered starch.

Wet press VS. Dry press

We have 2 options, wet or dry, for pressing your clothes and providing that smooth, plaque finish that helps you to look sharp.  Wet pressed items usually only contain cotton or polyester, and mostly cotton.  These garments are taken from the washer and placed on different pressed where they are pressed with up to 10 pounds of pressure on nickel-plated hot heads that are almost 300 degrees.  This process can only be performed on items that can take the heat as most types of garments would be destroyed by this sort of intensity.  Dry pressed items can be any type of material as this is a delicate, hand-finished process using mostly steam, and very little pressure.